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Thermal sights

Medium Range Clip-On Targeting Sight, simultaneously thermal and reflective imaging in one sight (eSWIR)

The HuntIR SW features supreme nightvision capability based on co-incidental detection of thermal radiation and reflective light. eSWIR up to 2.5µm wavelength: simultaneous thermal and reflective image in one sight depending on illumination conditions.

Detection of laser spots up to 2.5μm. Detection of threat/targets through window glass. Enhanced view through fog and haze. Surpreme nightvision of NIR-SWIR radiation from moonlight and night glow.


  • Spectral Range: 0.9μm - 2.5μm
  • Clip-on device x1 magnification
  • Medium Range
  • 8°x6°field of view
  • Min. 4h operating time
  • Weight ≈1kg
  • Size (LxWxH) ≈145x110x95mm3
  • Visualization of laser illuminators/designators up to 2.5μm
  • Sight through windows
  • Better performance in fog and haze
  • Reflected NIR-SWIR (Moon, Night-glow) with higher contrast
  • SWIR image comparable to VIS image results in easier interpretation of image
  • Active illumination by "invisible" light possible: out-of-band operation wavelength > 2μm are not detectable by standard SWIR or I²
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