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Linear Coolers

The AIM SL400 is a state-of-the-art linear Stirling cooler which is designed for cooling high performance IR-applications. The SL400 is optimized for high cooling capacities at lowest coldtip temperatures. The design is compact, lightweight and provides a cooling capacity of 3W @ 80K at +71°C ambient temperature.

The resulting performance margin allows detector temperatures optionally down to 29K. Due to the sleeve design of the coldfi nger (Titanium or optional Inconel®) the expander can be integrated and exchanged by the customer.

The cooler is available in different versions.


        • Very high cooling capacity 4W (@ 80K; 23°C)
        • Low coldtip temperatures down to 29K (optional)
        • High MTTF (>8,000h)
        • Coldfinger with sleeve, suitable for IDCA design
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