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HiPIR-HD720M - MCT MWIR 1280x720 12μm Pitch IDCA

Ultimate high resolution true HD IR-imaging

The HiPIR-HD720M offers high-resolution true HD 16:9 format IR-imaging at 75Hz full-frame rate.  Despite of the high resolution allows the small pixel size the operation with small and power-saving coolers, like the AIM SX040. The integrated command and control electronics delivers 14bit resolution digital video data and provides a comprehensive system programming interface.

The modules are well suited for airborne and ground based applications like pilot sights or high-performance gunner and commander sights, using 16:9 HD video format.


    • 12µm pitch 1280x720 16:9 Full HD format
    • 75Hz Full Frame rate (up to 120Hz on request)
    • Programmable Subframes
    • 20mK NETD
    • Split linear and rotary Stirling cooler options
    • Best for long range surveillance, gunner and commander sights
    • Customization possible
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