AIM will present its latest products at the SPIE Defense & Security from
14th until 18th April 2019 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, USA.



Following papers will be given during 

Conference 11002: Infrared Technology and Applications XV


Session 2: Cryogenic Cooling of Sensing Devices 2019: Cooler Applications

Update on AIM HOT cooler developments, Paper 11002-9
Ingo R├╝hlich
AIM Infrarot-Module GmbH (Germany)



Session 9: NIR / SWIR

MCT SWIR modules for active imaging, Paper 11002-38
Rainer Breiter, Matthias Benecke, Detlef Eich, Heinrich Figgemeier, Holger Lutz, Andreas Weber, Alexander Sieck, Robert Wiegleb,
AIM Infrarot-Module GmbH (Germany)



Session 10: HgCdTe

Improved high-performance MCT MWIR and LWIR modules, Paper 11002-42
Holger Lutz, Rainer Breiter, Detlef Eich, Heinrich Figgemeier, Stefan Hanna
AIM Infrarot-Module GmbH (Germany)


Discovering the difference: bispectral MCT-based detectors by AIM, Paper 11002-43

Heinrich Figgemeier, Christopher Ames, Rainer Breiter, Detlef Eich, Stefan Hanna, Holger Lutz, Karl-Martin Mahlein, Timo Schallenberg, Alexander Sieck, Jan Wenisch,
AIM Infrarot-Module GmbH (Germany)


If you like to meet with one of our product engineers please contact us at info@aim-ir.com.

See you in Baltimore!