AIM develops and manufactures state of the art Stirling and Pulse-Tube cryocoolers for infrared and high-temperature superconducting applications. The cooling capacity ranges from 0.25W to 4W at 80K. AIM’s coolers are used in defence and commercial projects worldwide.

To meet the requirements for high lifetime applications AIM developed an innovative cooling systems with a Moving Magnet Flexure Bearing compressor. The compressor incorporates flexure bearing support on both ends of the driving mechanism and a high precision alignment process. Combined with moving magnets and the placement of the coils outside the helium vessel the cooler can double the MTTF figure from 10,000h to 20,000h. Currently, a complete range of flexure bearing cryocoolers is fully qualified and in serial production.

AIM also has developed a Pulse-Tube coldfinger for use in ultra long-life cooler applications as for example required in space programs. With neither moving parts nor potential contamination, very high reliability is achived. In combination with a Flexure Bearing compressor a MTTF of 50.000h is achieved. Pulse-Tubes are used for several European and International space-born IR-applications.


  • Computer aided design of Stirling and Pulse-Tube cryocoolers
  • Production of more than 4,000 cryocoolers per year
  • Laser welding
  • Automatic environmental testing and quality management of cryocoolers in accordance with customer specifications
  • FEM supported design of linear drives
  • Computerized alignment technology for contact free pistons in Flexure Bearing compressors