AIM offers infrared focal plane arrays and modules (Integrated Detector Cooler Assemblies, IDCAs) to cover the spectral range 1µm to 15 µm based on

  • HgCdTe and type II-superlattice (InAs/GaSb) infrared detectors,
  • linear formats up to 576x7 pixels for high definition scanning systems,
  • two-dimensional arrays up to full tv format
  • megapixel format under development.

Besides of the specific focal plane array the IDCAs comprise

  • Linear / Rotary Stirling cooler with integrated electronic regulation,
  • ROIC with application specific detector interface,
  • control electronics with analogue or digital video signal output,
  • video processor with automatic image correction algorithms.

The modular IDCA design offers the potential for future improvements in performance upgrades. The full digital signal post-processing accounts for the unsurpassed dynamic range, for the feasibility of post-non-uniformity corrections and offers also a particular easy to handle electrical interface for further image processing.

Integrated Detector Cooler Assemblies:

  • 2nd Gen Linear MW+LW MCT IDCAs
  • 2nd Gen MW+LW Focal Plane Array MCT, QWIP, Type-II SL IDCAs
  • 3rd Gen MW+LW High-Speed MCT IDCAs
  • 3rd Gen Dual-Color Type-II SL, Dual-Band MCT IDCAs (under development)


Technical Datasheet



Linear FPAs

  • 288x6 MW/LW
  • 576x7 LW
288x6 MW / LW
576x7 LW


  • 384x288 MW / LW 24µm
  • 640x512 MW 24µm
  • NEW: 640x512 MW / LW 15µm
384x288 MW / LW 24µm
640x512 MW 24µm
NEW: 640x512 MW / LW 15µm HiPIR-640


  • 1024x256
  • 384x288