Thermal Sights

HuntIR Mk2

Force protection and superiority in asymmetrical warfare

Using latest IR-technologiy, the HuntIR Mk2 thermal weapon and observation sight combines highest range performance with minimum size, weight and power including inaudible operation.

Technical Datasheet HuntIR Mk2

HuntIR/RangIR - Thermal Targeting Sight

After 25 years of successful work with IR components for the Bundeswehr and allied nations, AIM developed a thermal sight to meet the requirements for the German “Infanterist der Zukunft” (IdZ). A close coordination between industry, the German Infantry School and procurement authorities ensured, that the device was tailored to perfectly match the needs of the soldiers.

The unique feature of the so called HuntIR sight was to combine day/night surveillance and targeting. With two fields of view, 2.3° x 3.0° for range performance and 6.8° x 9.1° for panoramic view it provides an identification range of 1,700 metres as required for long-range sniper rifles or crew served support weapons like the 40mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL). Since 2004 HuntIR is standard equipment in all missions of the Bundeswehr.

For the "Enhanced System" of the IdZ (IdZ-ES), AIM has boosted the capabilities of HuntIR by adding a laser range finder (LRF), a 3-axis digital magnetic compass (DMC) and a link for the wireless transmission of data and images within the infantry section and set with this new device – RangIR – a new standard of performance .

The LRF and DMC provide input data for the fire control computer to achieve highest first round hit probability and accurate pin pointing of a threat for fire support. The fire control solution takes into account the accurate orientation in space to avoid levelling of a weapon and also provides flight time data for air burst AGL ammo (ABM).

RangIR thus significantly enhances our forces core capabilities protection and effectiveness by clear day/night surveillance for improved situational awareness and precise engagement of remote targets.

Technical Datasheet HuntIR/RangIR


width = 480

height = 360

autostart = true

AllowScan = 1

EnableFullScreenControls = 1

BufferingTime = 5

EnablePositionControls = -1

loop = 0

AnimationAtStart = 1

ShowStatusBar = 1

µCAM-640 - Thermal Sights for small UAVs

  • Combat proven in the Cosovo and in Afghanistan in the German reconnaissance UAVs "Luna" and "Aladin"
  • Ruggedized Design
  • Low weight
  • Good orientation in terrain even under severe weather conditions by high thermal sensitivy
  • Short exposure times for sharp images from unstabilized platforms
  • Digital and analog interface
  • Subsequent update with customer specific image processing software possible

Technical Datasheet µCAM-640




  • Cooled MCT IR-technology, MWIR
  • Double field of view: NFOV 6.1° x 4.9° / WFOV 16° x 12°
  • Identification range (*) NFOV > 1,300m / WFOV > 560m
  • Recognition range (*) NFOV > 2,500m / WFOV > 1,000m
  • Weight < 2.2kg

(*) Tank target, STANAG 4347, TRM3, atm ext coeff 0.2/km


µCAM-640 uncooled

  • Uncooled Microbolometer IR-technology, LWIR
  • Field of view 45° x 34°
  • Identification range (*) > 200m
  • Recognition range (*) > 400m
  • Weight < 200g

(*) Tank target, STANAG 4347, TRM3, atm ext coeff 0.2/km