HuntIR Mk2 - Thermal Weapon and Observation Sight


Using latest IR-technologiy, the HuntIR Mk2 thermal weapon and observation sight combines highest range performance with minimum size, weight and power including inaudible operation.

Technical Datasheet HuntIR Mk2




HiPIR-640 MCT 640x512 15µm Pitch IDCA

High Performance IR-Modules (MWIR or LWIR)

Focusing on excellent E/O performance with minimum size, weight and power, AIM manufactures full TV format HiPIR-640 modules with 15µm pitch in the MWIR or LWIR with high full frame rates up to 100Hz. State of the art MCT technology allows series production of MWIR detectors operating at temperatures exceeding 120K without any need to sacrifice the 5µm cut-off wavelength.

Depending on whether minimum vibration output and maximum lifetime are key requirements or compactness and low power consumption, the detectors are either available in configurations with AIM's new SX095 split linear cooler or with different integral rotary coolers.

A dedicated electronics card set provides digital output optionally including sophisticated scene based non-uniformity correction and is designed to withstand even harsh environments.


Technical Datasheet HipIR-640M (MWIR)

Technical Datasheet HipIR-640L (LWIR)



HiPIR-1280 – MCT LWIR 1280 x 1024 IDCA
Highest Performance HD MWIR-/LWIR-Modules

Focusing on ultimate high-definition IR-imaging AIM offers MCT 1280 x 1024 megapixel arrays with 15 μm pitch for the MWIR and LWIR spectral band. The modules are well suited for airborne and ground based applications like rotorcraft pilotage sights or high-performance thermal gunner and commander sights.

The MWIR module allows slow F-number lens designs for long range surveillance with moderate integration times of typically 4 ms with F/4 at half-well fill condition. The thermal resolution given by the NETD is approx. 20mK.

The LWIR module provides short integration times of typically
300μs with F/2 at half-well fi ll condition resulting in sharp imaging
without blurring effects in highly dynamic scenes. The thermal
resolution given by the NETD is approx. 30mK.

Technical Datasheet HipIR-1280M (MWIR)

Technical Datasheet HipIR-1280L (LWIR)

MCT 1024x256 SWIR IDCA

Extended Short wave IR-module for hyperspectral imaging devices

SWIR 0.9 - 2.5 μm state of the art detector for 24/7 operation. An Integrated Detector Cooler Assembly with pulse tube coldfinger driven by a flexure bearing compressor provides unsurpassed life for - e.g. hyperspectral - spaceborne applications in which mission costs demand this requirement. This also applies in military missions when day/night protection of our troops does not allow for down time.

Technical Datasheet ActIR-1024




SX020 - 3rd Gen Cooler

The SX020 combines smallest outline dimensions with outstanding specific performance and provides high reliability exceeding lifetimes of 25,000h. The compactness and cooling power meets the demand for lightweight high performance IR-technology.

The SX020 provides a cooling capacity of more than 0.5W @ 160K. Typical power consumption for HOT IDCAs is less than 2W@180K. 

Technical Datasheet SX020

SX030 - 3rd Gen Cooler

Micro Linear Cooler for HOT detectors, high MTTF, high efficiency, low input power; 3W typical for 140K operation.

Technical Datasheet SX030