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Core Competencies, Technologies, Research & Development

AIM develops and manufactures 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Generation of high value added standard and customer specific infrared modules and thermal sights for national and international sensor systems.

Core Competencies

  • Crystal growth of CdTe and HgCdTe.
  • Liquid phase and molecular beam epitaxy of HgCdTe layers.
  • Photovoltaic array technology.
  • IC-design of Si-readout-circuits.
  • Hybridisation technology up to a raster ≥ 10µm.
  • Dewar and integration technologies for the operation of complex hybridarrays at cryogenic temperatures.
  • Cryocooler technologies on the basis of integral and split-rotary compressors as well as linear and flexure bearing compressors with Stirling and Pulse-tube technologies.
  • PCB-design, integration and tests.
  • Image processing hard- and software technologies.
  • Design and production of thermal sights, optionally incl. ballistics calculator for small arms with long range.
  • Design and production of thermal sights on the basis of cooled and uncooled technology.


    Based on continuous investments into the core competencies, AIM offers a wide range of capabilities, technologies, and products for military and civil markets.


    +49 (0)7131 6212-0
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