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SWIR1024 – eSWIR 1024x256 IDCA with 24x32µm Pitch

Cooled eSWIR - extended SWIR detection from 0.9 to 2.5µm wavelength

The MCT 1024x256 SWIR IDCA is a high performance module sensitive in the 0.9μm - 2.5μm spectral band. This can be extended to 0.4μm - 2.5μm (VIS-SWIR) if the visible wavelength band is of interest.

The detector is optimized for hyperspectral imaging applications due to its high spatial resolution and high sensitivity sensing capabilities. The module provides data rates up to 250Hz full frame and a digital data interface for easy system interfacing. The detector is ideally suited for airborne sensing application in a push broom mode.

An Integrated Detector Cooler Assembly with pulse-tube coldfinger and flexure-bearing compressor provides unsurpassed lifetime for remote sensing in 24/7 applications.


  • ~0.9 µm cuton-wavelength (0.4µm VSWIR option)
  • ~2.5µm cutoff-wavelength
  • Format 1024x256
  • Frame rate up to 250Hz (full frame)
  • 150K FPA operating temperature
  • Long life cooler for 24/7 application
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