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The MCC020 is the latest product of our Stirling cryocoolers based on Moving Magnet Technology. High performance materials with low outgassing potential inside the helium vessel result in lifetimes exceeding 30,000 hours.The MCC020 combines smallest size dimensions with outstanding specific performance and provides a cooling capacity of more than 0.5W @ 160K.

With its compactness and high reliability, the MCC020 is the ideal cryocooler for spectroscopic instruments and gas analyzers for both stationary and handheld devices operating 24/7. The MCC020 fits best to AIM’s compact digital high efficient micro cryocooler electronics μDCE025-MCC or can alternatively be operated with customer's electronics.


  • Very compact & lightweight
  • Outstanding specific performance
  • High MTTF (>30,000h)
  • Cooling capacity of 0.5W
    (added load@160K; 23°C)
  • Ideal cooler for 24/7 applications
  • Very low vibration output
  • REACH & RoHS Compliance
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