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SWIR384 - eSWIR 384x288 IDCA with 24µm Pitch

Cooled eSWIR - extended SWIR detection from 0.9 to 2.5µm wavelength

The MCT 384x288 SWIR IDCA is a compact hyperspectral imaging module sensitive in the 0.9μm - 2.5μm spectral band. This can be extended to 0.4μm - 2.5μm (VIS-SWIR) if the visible wavelength band is of interest.

State-of-the-art MCT detector technology together with an optional second order filter result in high-resolution hyperspectral imaging. The attached AIM long-life linear cooler makes it an attractive choice for 24/7 industrial sensing applications. The module is extremely fast with up to 450Hz full frame-rate, well suited for spectroscopy and FFT of the available data.

AIM's Hyperspectral Imaging detectors are used in various applications, e.g. remote sensing, process control, material analysis and sorting.


  • Compact size, low weight and power characteristics
  • ~0.9 µm cuton-wavelength (0.4µm VIS-SWIR option)
  • ~2.5µm cutoff-wavelength
  • Format 384x288
  • Frame rate up to 450Hz (full frame)
  • 150K FPA operating temperature
  • Long life cooler for 24/7 application
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