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Cooler Drive Electronics
Digital Cryocooler Electronics µDCE050

AIM's digital micro cryocooler electronics is designed to meet the demand on lightweight and compact high performance technology.

The μDCE050 low power electronics will serve cryocoolers up to 50WDC with an easy to use single board design at reduced cost. The improved temperature measurement circuitry and the split supply voltage design for cryocooler and controller result in a better set point stability with reduced overall dimensions.

For noise sensitive applications, an additional synchronization interface is available to eliminate the need of large filter components.


  • Very compact & lightweight
  • High efficiency
  • Improved temperature stability
  • Split supply voltages for cooler and controller
    for best SNR performance and high voltage operation 36V
  • Enhanced telecommand and measuring capability
  • REACH & RoHS compliance
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