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3rd gen coolers

The AIM SF070 is a Stirling cryocooler based on Moving Magnet Technology and Flexure Bearing suspension on both ends of the driving mechanism. A computerized alignment process combined with an optimized material composition inside the helium vessel results in lifetimes exceeding 30,000h.

The cooler is designed for high performance IR-detectors. The SF070 is compact, lightweight and provides a cooling capacity of more than 0.4W @ 80K at 71°C ambient temperature. The resulting performance margin allows detector temperatures down to 70K.

The SF070 can be operated with AIM‘s digital cooler electronics (μDCE050, DCE100) or alternatively with customers‘ electronics.


      • Flexure Bearing and Moving Magnet Technology
      • High MTTF (>30,000h)
      • Compact and lightweight
      • High cooling capacity of 0.6W (@ 80K; 23°C)
      • Modular Cooler Concept - Several coldfinger options available
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