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3rd Gen IR-Modules

Dual-Color MWIR / MWIR imaging with spatial and
temporal coincident registration

The HiPIR-320MM offers spatial and temporal coincident registration of two colors in the MWIR spectral band (SWIR/MWIR option on request). Depending on the parameter setup full frame rates >=200Hz can be achieved. The compact Integrated Detector Cooler Assembly with an integrated command and control electronics delivers 14bit digital video data and provides a comprehensive system control interface.

The modules are well suited for applications like missile approach warning systems or wherever following image processing requires coincident registration.


  • 30µm pitch 320x256 format
  • Two simultaneaous colors in the MWIR band (SWIR/MWIR option on request)
  • Spatial and temporal coincident registration
  • Customized filter solutions available
  • >= 200Hz Full Frame Rate
  • Compact configuration
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