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HiPIR-640L - MCT LWIR 640x512 15μm Pitch IDCA

Excellent E/O performance, minimal size, weight and power

High resolution, crisp and clear TV format images at up to 120Hz full-frame rates. Integration times in the range of typical 200µs can be used for capturing sharp images of fast moving objects. The integrated command and control electronics delivers 16bit resolution digital video data and provides a comprehensive system programming interface.

Whether minimum vibration output and maximum lifetime, or compactness and low power consumption are key requirements, all AIM detectors can be integrated with AIM long life-time split-linear-coolers, or with integral-rotary-coolers. The AIM SX095 long lifetime linear Stirling cooler matches perfectly with the HiPIR-640L IR-detector.


    • 15µm pitch 640x512 VGA Full TV format
    • 120Hz Full Frame rate
    • Programmable Subframes
    • 20mK NETD
    • Split linear and rotary Stirling cooler options
    • Best for form fit function upgrades and recognition of fast moving objects
    • Customization possible
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