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Following papers were given by AIM during the

Conference 8704 - Infrared Technology and Applications XXXIX. Publications will follow shortly.


Army Infrared R&D I - Session 2

"High-performance IR detector modules for Army applications" [8704-7]
(Invited Paper)

Holger Lutz, Rainer Breiter, Stefan Rutzinger, Timo Schallenberg, Joachim C. Wendler, Johann Ziegler, AIM INFRAROT-MODULE GmbH (Germany)


Infrared in Future Soldier Systems - Session 5

"Next-generation cooled long-range thermal sights with minimum size, weight and power" [8704-21]

Rainer Breiter, Tobias Ihle, Joachim C. Wendler, Ingo Rühlich, Johann Ziegler, AIM INFRAROT-MODULE GmbH (Germany)


HgCdTe - Session 14

"Large format MWIR and LWIR detectors at AIM" [8704-77]

Johann Ziegler, Holger Bitterlich, Rainer Breiter, Martin Bruder, Petra Fries, Richard Wollrab, Joachim C. Wendler, Jan Wenisch, AIM INFRAROT-MODULE GmbH (Germany)

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